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Wooden Cabin

Meet the Maker

Hey, Nuge here. 

When I'm not making dust in the shop...

I'm outdoors camping, fishing, hunting, and training  Brazilian Jiu Jitsu .


I've been an avid outdoorsman my entire life. My youth was spent with the Boy Scouts learning wilderness skills that I've carried for a lifetime.


I started my career working in a small family owned outdoor shop in New Jersey, helping people find the best gear for their outdoor adventures. During this time I spent 4 years as a volunteer EMT, and later spent 8 years working in law enforcement as a Patrol Officer. 

In 2019, I made my first EDC knife with just a file and a hacksaw on a tiny workbench in the garage, which still sits in my work locker today. After 3 years of making knives part-time I decided to go full time in January of 2023.  


I've combined years of hunting and fishing, wilderness survival experience, law enforcement experience, and martial arts training to design high-quality knives that allow men and women to thrive no matter where their adventures take them.

Why a Nuge Knife?


I mean I've been drinking coffee from the same red, enameled coffee mug for the past 8 years... 


As a maker, I keep a practical and utilitarian mindset. Each knife has a purpose driven design to help people get the job done. 

Every design goes through rigorous testing to ensure the functionality and durability meet or exceed standards. Each design has been tested in real-world conditions by myself and other industry professionals before ever hitting a customer's hands. 

Each model's blade geometry, handle sculpting, and overall fit-and-finish have been handcrafted and refined to perform as well as they look; no gimmicky thrills needed!

Each Knife is made here in my shop in New Jersey with 100% American-made materials. You can be assured every Nuge Knife is built to last decades and passed down to future generations.

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