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The Camptoku is a blend of a classic Nessmuk blade, renowned for its outdoor functionality, and a Santoku, known for its excellent food-chopping qualities. The result is a rugged all-purpose camp knife that will help you process your wood to build and fire and be your primary meal prep knife! The blade is made from tough Nitro-V stainless steel, making the Camptoku plenty durable for hard-to-use tasks while providing easy maintenance after preparing your meal.


Each Camptoku comes with a custom-made kydex sheath to protect the blade while in your pack or mess kit.


Each Camptoku is handmade in our shop in New Jersey with US-sourced materials. The Camptoku will surely serve you well at camp or as part of your kitchen knife block!


Out of Stock
    • 5.5" Blade Length
    • 10.5" Blade Length
    • 3/32" Nitro V Stainless
    • 60-61 HRC
    • Saber Grind
    • Satin finish
    • G10 or Wood scales
    • Kydex Sheath included
    • Made in America
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