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The Chickpea was originally designed for the Boy Scouts, we wanted to create a smaller fixed blade that was still large enough to accomplish all of a Scouts tasks in the woods. The design goal was to create a slim and lightweight knife that still gives you a full handle grip and a good amount of cutting edge. When the design became a reality, we quickly realized that not only was this a great knife for the Scouts, but it was also a versatile tool for any outdoors person! 


Being one of our oldest models the Chickpea has seen quite a few revisions and updates. The current iteration of the Chickpea  features a Nitro-V stainless steel blade with a saber grind and a blasted finish, making it ideal for harder use tasks. In this version we took a slim knife and made it even slimmer by reducing G Carta Scales to ⅛ inch! While this Chickpea retains the great ergonomics of the thicker handle scaled model, it is now even easier to carry and incredibly lightweight! Each Chickpea ships standard with a super slim custom made Nuge-Dex Sheath with scout carry loop, but can easily be converted to pocket carry by adding your favorite pocket clip.


The Chickpea is a versatile knife that can serve many different roles. The compact profile and slim sheath make it a great choice for everyday carry, the slicey blade makes it an excellent bird and trout knife, lightweight woods knife, or discreet everyday carry.

G-Carta Chickpea

Out of Stock
    • 6.5" Overall Length
    • 3" Blade Length
    • 3/32" Nitro-V Stainless steel 
    • 60-61 (Paul Bos Heat Treat)
    • 90º degree spine
    • Saber Grind
    • Blasted finish
    • G-Carta Handle
    • Kydex sheath 
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