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Looking for a premium handmade everyday carry knife with serious outdoor capability? Look no further than the Original Wicket! The Original Wicket was designed to be a compact yet comfortable do-all knife. The Original Wicket features a highly functional full flat grind stainless steel blade that can handle daily tasks such as opening packages and cutting your lunch while also giving you some serious bite while processing kindling for your campfire or slicing into a fresh catch. The blade is made from tough Nitro-V stainless steel so you won’t have to worry about corrosion and breakage, while also giving your great edge retention.

The Orignal Wicket features a modular carry kydex sheath that allows it to be easily adapted for neck, belt, or pocket carry ensuring no matter where your day takes you, the Wicket will be there when you need it.

Each Original Wicket is handmade in the USA allowing for a variety of handle scale variations including tough G10, grippy Micarta, and even an occasional batch in specialty materials such as Terotuff.

Digicam Wicket

  • 5" Overall Length

    2.25" Blade Length

    3/32" Nitro V Stainless

    90º degree spine

    Flat Grind

    Blasted finish

    Digicam G10

    Digicam Kydex Sheath included

    Made in America

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