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Pots and Pans


8" Chef

Meant to be the powerhouse of the kitchen, this blade is a western design with weight distributed toward the handle so you rock across a cutting board.

The stock is slightly thicker for added strength to cut hardy veggies. The cutting edge makes this knife a slick meat slicer perfect for the brisket you just pulled off the smoker. 

  • Blade Thickness: .094"

  • Blade Length: 8" 

  • Overall Length: 13"

  • Available in Nitro-V

Base Price: $400.00

6" Chef 

Both a step down in length and thickness from the 8"Chef, the reductions make this knife easy to control and nimble to a musketeer of the kitchen.


 This blade has a western influence with weight distributed toward the handle. This model is perfect if you want a hard-working knife without feeling like they are wielding a broadsword to cut a few cherry tomatoes. 

  • Blade Thickness: 0.070"

  • Blade Length: 6" 

  • Overall Length: 11"

  • Available in Nitro-V

Base Price: $350.00

4" Paring

Whether you're peeling apples for Gram's secret pie recipe or coring jalapenos to make your famous poppers for the tailgate, the paring knife is the perfect choice.


The slender blade geometry gets you into those hard-to-reach places that larger knives can't. 

  • Blade Thickness: 070"

  • Blade Length: 4" 

  • Overall Length: 8"

  • Available in Nitro-V

Base Price: $250.00

Bread Knife

So you just picked up an amazing thick-crusted, doughy inside, epitome of perfection sourdough loaf, but you're wondering "How will I get through its savory armor?"...  


This offset bread knife is your knight in shining armor, with its offset handle for leverage and razor-sharp teeth. But its not just for hard-crusted bread, as this knife also cleanly cuts through the fluffiest of loaves. 

  • Blade Thickness: .070"

  • Blade Length: 9" 

  • Overall Length: 14"

  • Available in Nitro-V

Base Price: $300.00

9" Filet Knife

So you went out and caught a haul of fresh fish (or bought them at the market). Now seal the deal and pull as much meat off your filets as possible.


This filet knife has just the right balance between flex and backbone to hug curves while gliding through cuts. The handle is contoured to lock your hand in place to prevent it from sliding up to the business end of the knife. Available in 7" and 5" models.

  • Blade Thickness: .070"

  • Blade Length: 9" 

  • Overall Length: 

  • Available in Nitro-V

Base Price: 300.00

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