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As someone who loves cooking and believes that good food starts with great tools, Knives by Nuge carries quality knives that I believe will last a lifetime.


I have 4 knives that I have purchased and they all get regular use. I purchased a 6” chef knife, a bread knife, a Siberian knife, and a utility knife all with customized handles.


I have also purchased gifts from Knives by Nuge where recipients are thrilled with the quality and craftsmanship. I cherish my knives like heirlooms and definitely recommend to anyone in search of great quality handmade knives. -Lily

They say a dull knife is the most dangerous thing you can have in the kitchen. If that’s true, you can consider Knives by Nuge to be as safe as a Middle-America suburb. Aesthetically, they are stunning.


Nuge contacted me every step of the way when crafting my custom Nakiri knife order. We discussed everything from regional flair, handle type, color, style, and blade quality.


I'm pleased to say that the final product is a one-of-a-kind piece of craftsmanship that is as visually sharp as the knife itself.-Colin

“The EDC/Hunter knife has been an invaluable tool in my hunting pack this season. It’s excellent balance, size, and edge retention have helped me make quick and precise work of several deer. I’m looking forward to many more years and adventures carrying this well crafted knife!”

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